About me

Philipp Spiegl is an Austrian singer/songwriter/author who is currently based in Vienna. After starting out by playing punk rock in a friend's garage Spiegl appeared on the Austrian music scene for the first time with his new wave-influenced trio Montague. 


2016 Montague released the EP "Renegade" and presented it at live shows all over Austria. After Spiegl left the band in 2017 he celebrated his love for space rock like Spiritualized and released the EP "Voyager 1" under the name Mercury Rhyme. 


2017 Spiegl also released some tracks under his own name for the first time. The EP was called "Philipp Schmiegl" - in a nod to the great Harry Nilsson. In 2019 Spiegl started recording his first full-length solo album "Be My Redeemer" at the Vienna-based Enter The Stage Studio. During this period, he also released his so-called "Bedroom Singles". In late 2019 Spiegl formed his live band The Nightingales. 
They also partly appear on his debut. 


In between the album recordings, he got pushed back due to the spread of the virus and recorded the EP "Soap Opera", which was released in early 2021 on the label Feber Wolle records.


In early 2021 Spiegl released his Debut Album “Be My Redeemer”. Shortly after, he formed another Solo-Project “Dentist Waiting Room Club” and released the mini Album “Some Cat Songs” digitally in mid-2021. The Album, got later re-released on cassette by the Czech indie label “Teargarden”. Spiegl then went on a short “Be My Redeemer” tour through Austria and Czechia.

Later that year he released his new EP "Hinterhut"


On May 27th. Spiegl released the three Song EP "New Waters" featuring the Single Helena. 

On 15.03. 2023 Spiegl released his new Single Garden Of Endings, which was produced with Munich based Musician Tom Appel (Monday Tramps, The Nice Nice) at his Stereoloft Studio. Spiegl was nominated for the Sound@V Award which he won in the category "Singer/-Songwriter"

Later that year Spiegl released his Debut Novella "Flickers Of Etna". The book was released with an accompanying EP.